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Diabetes Tap targets African Caribbean people in the 30-45 age range:

• DTAP links excessive carbohydrate consumption and obesity with diabetes.
• TAP identifies ‘fat around the middle’ or “spare-tyre”, as a killer.
• DTAP advises child bearing women not to allow fat around the middle to remain after child birth—“don’t get comfortable with fat, lose it by gym work.
• Educates Black and Asian people about preparing and eating balanced meals in appropriate proportions; and reassures them that they can beat the disease and retain their cultural cuisines.
• Encourages women to take appropriate and adequate exercises to lose ‘spare tyre’.
• Men should avoid eating poor diets with insufficient roughage or fruits and vegetables, excessive alcoholic consumption and fatty foods.


I. The institute’s diabetes campaign (DTap) is conducted as follows:
ii. Targets parents, partners, workers and individuals within 30-45 age range and both genders.
iii. Distributes A5 education packs, containing graphically produced information which outlines the threat diabetes poses to the Black community and how it can be combatted.
iv. Conducts post code campaigns in areas with high Black and Asian populations.
v. Runs outreach workshops with relevant groups and organisations.
vi. Builds partnerships with churches/mosques and encourage them to use parts of homilies and sermons to educate congregations and encourage them to get regularly tested for diabetes.
vii. Builds partnerships with hair and beauty industries, including salons and barber shops to disseminate information.
viii. Places DTap on the annual Black History Month calendar.
ix. Runs DTap outreach stalls at gigs e.g. music, sports events.
x. Runs Diabetes-Tap outreach workshops with tenants associations