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OLMSSS is run by the Institute of Black Culture, Media and Sport, a social enterprise Community interest Company, with a board of three directors who are educators and entrepreneurs. The Institute offers wide-ranging services and activities to Londoners generally; but primarily targets residents of East and North London boroughs.


Our teachers are qualified, DBS-checked and highly motivated.

Behaviour policy

Since Saturday school hours are limited, parents will be asked to collect disruptive children or have them privately tutored by OLMSSS. See Private tuition rates.

Prize Giving

OLMSSS will celebrate students’ achievements at an annual prize giving evening. Outstanding performances will be rewarded at the end of each school year, in October. Prizes will be given for English, maths, computer competence and learning tour essays. Prizes will also be given for surprises.

Attendance and Collection policy

  • Children must be delivered and collected on time.
  • Children will not be turned over to relatives or friends without written permission or authorisation from parents.
  • Persons who collect pupils on behalf of parents should bring two forms of identification, including photograph, address and contact details. 
  • OLMSSS personnel should be informed that someone else will collect the pupil (s). This person should have appropriate ID; as has been described above.
  • Parents should also telephone to inform that their child/ren will be collected by someone else, bearing appropriate ID, as described above. 
  • Children will not be turned over to someone they do not recognise.

Withdrawing child/children

Parents are required to give one month’s notice in writing, prior to the end of term, should they wish to withdraw their children.

Health and Safety

Policies have been approved by the local authority.


Has been approved by the local authority;


Complies with statutory requirement.

Confidentiality policy


Race Equality policy


Complaints procedure

There should never be anything for parents to complain about; but if there is, please follow these procedures:

  1. Resolve the matter with coordinator or admin officer.
  2. Send a written complaint to OLMSSS via the contact us page. Still not happy?
  3. Request a private meeting with the chair of the Institute. That should do it.
  4. But if it doesn’t, final appeal to the board of directors of the Institute of Black Culture, media and sport.